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Expertise from different backgrounds of the same industry with subsequent cross-pollination, to create added value for our charterers and customers.

Existing backgrounds are; chemical producers, barging, tanker-owners, traders, charterers, quality inspectors, terminal operators, maritime officers, shipping agencies and finance EO's.

Odin Marine Europe


The Odin Marine Group is a privately owned international Tanker broker with a collective global network of offices around the world. Over the past four decades, the company’s focus has been on liquid bulk logistics in the broadest sense of the word. Their international team of professionals offer innovative and effective marine and river transportation solutions which has helped establish them as one of the most diverse shipbroking firms in the world.

The Odin Marine group offers extensive, bespoke services throughout the world and is as a private company uniquely equipped to provide its customers with as much flexibility and attention as required to get the job done.

RVB Company


Founded in 1992 as RVB Shipbrokers, RVB Company has developed itself over the years into a multi-functional maritime service company, with a focus on the global markets in specialized tanker chartering and tank storage. In an ever-changing world, the qualified and experienced team follows the trends and changing patterns in logistics. Working closely with their customers, aiding them to create the best possible commercial as well as operational solutions.

ODIN-RVB Europe B.V.

SINCE 2020

The world is constantly changing as well as our logistic industry. Old-fashioned brokerage simply isn’t enough anymore. Our industry is asking for a new approach and new services. These new demands were recognized by both Odin Marine Europe and RVB Shipbrokers which resulted in a joint venture between the two companies as from February 2020. We brought together a diverse group of experts enabling us to offer a wide range of unique logistic solutions.

The combined experience of the two companies has led to greater strategic insight, not just for the benefit of the team, but more importantly for the benefit of our clients. It enables us to offer a more in-depth view of the markets in which our clients operate, while at the same time enhancing all aspects of our services from information gathering, shipping and storage solutions, to round the clock operational support.

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With our offices located in Rotterdam, Barcelona and Singapore, we can provide our clients with global expertise and experience. Odin-RVB Europe B.V. a full member of The Odin Marine Group. Hover over the pinpoint with your mouse to show the location.

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